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To kick off the 2016 NFL season I sat down with John Bronson a former NFL pro athlete who played for the Arizona Cardinals. Personally, I grew up loving sports and basketball and football are two of my favorites. Although I would love to play football being 5’5 and 140 pounds there was no chance for me to make it to the NFL! So I settled for basketball and played for AAU before heading off to college.

If you ever wondered how hard it is to make it to the NFL and what it takes to consistently perform at your highest level check out this episode. John dives into his NFL career and also tells the story of how September 11th the infamous day that not only America will always remember but that same day ended John’s career.

After John’s short time in the NFL he transitioned into the business world and formed two startups. Today he is the CEO and Founder of PACC – “The Pro Athlete Business Network”. An organization that is connecting pro athletes with businesses to help with marketing efforts and helping athelets with life after they retire.


PACC – The Pro Athlete Business Network



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[8:27] Signed by Arizona Cardinals

[10:33] THE GRIND

[13:50] Playing with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Kurt Warner

[17:35] September 11th – Career ending injury

[20:20] Transition into an entreprenuer

[25:28] Revenue Model for PACC

[31:07] Wife passes away from cancer

[36:21] RISE and GRIND

[45:09] The Golden Nugget




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